CrimeLink Investigative Analysis Software

Key Benefits

Primary aid in predictive analysis.
Determine your adversary's intentions and modus operandi.
Automates Time-Proven analytical techniques.
Visualize and quickly understand complex investigations.
Auto-generates all charts from the information - No drawing involved!
Affordable product with excellent support and maintenance.

Key Features

Association Matrix
Link Diagram
Time Event Chart
Telephone Toll Chart
Dynamic Web Pages
Terrorist Organization Library
Significant Date Library
Telephone Number Library
Postal Code Library
Moon Phase Calculator
Formatted Reports
Password Protected/Lockable Case
Import Data

CrimeLink™ is a visual investigative analysis tool designed to assist analysts and investigators with compiling large amounts of seemingly independent and unrelated data into orderly, understandable, and comprehensible graphical analytical products

By automating time-proven analytical techniques such as Association Matrixes, Link Diagrams, Time Event Charts, Pattern Analysis Wheels, and Telephone Toll Charts, CrimeLink™ is the perfect solution for understanding and solving complex issues involving Counter Terrorism, Organized Crime, Military Operations, Drugs, Financial Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Major Investigations, Retail, and any other set of intricate or conspiratorial activities or social networks.

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Unlike other products that simply allow the user to create drawings and charts using specialized pallets and symbols, CrimeLink™ renders each diagram automatically from the data and information entered or imported into its relational database. This enables CrimeLink™ to ensure that each diagram accurately reflects the information, and allows the software to keep every diagram automatically synchronized with each other. This means that as a user, for example, adds an entity to the Associations Matrix, the Link Diagram, Time Event Charts, and any other chart on which that entity should be present is automatically updated to reflect the change. This capability also enables multiple analysts or even organizations to work from the same databases and collaborate to share information. Additionally, CrimeLink™ has the ability to automatically search all existing information and span cases to identify and alert the analyst when a similar entity is found in the same or another case. Once identified, CrimeLink™ allows the analyst to merge the information from the two or more cases into one, thereby establishing a relationship between the investigations.

Other advantages to CrimeLink's data-oriented approach is its ability to perform correlation and fusion of entities. For example, CrimeLink™ will notify the analyst if a new person is entered or imported that is similar enough to an individual already in the database. CrimeLink™ uses configurable entity-type-specific rules to determine when to items are similar enough to be a possible match, such as personal and physical characteristics for individuals. Once identified as the same entity, CrimeLink™ will merge the information to form a single, fused entity record. This not only prevents duplicate database records, but ensures that people and entities involved in more than one investigation do not go unnoticed!

With all its power and features, CrimeLink™ remains exceptionally user-friendly and easy to use. It requires no specialized or advanced computer skills, and, in most cases, requires no training for investigators and analysts who are already familiar with visual investigative techniques.

CrimeLink™ is priced far below any other similar analytical product, yet still provides a feature-rich, easy to use, and maintainable product. Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that you will get technical support when you need it, and free incremental software updates as they are released.

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